Access your phone with your Voice using the Voice access app by Google

Nearly everyone has a mobile device, so it’s no surprise that people are using touch screens to accomplish tasks. There are also alternative methods for controlling your phone without ever needing to touch the screen: voice commands! Downloading an app called Voice Access will give you full control over your device just by speaking; how cool is that?

Voice Access app by Google

This is one of the most popular apps from Google that allows users to control their phone with a voice command and other features. Instead of tapping away at an app, use the Voice Access App for easier and more convenient phone access!


  • Navigation Control
  • Control current Screen
  • Text editing control
  • Dictation Control
  • Use Google Assistant to start Voice Access app
  • Speak Help to see a short list of commands
  • Tap on the Voice Access icon to pause the app

How to download and use the new Voice Access app

In order to download the Voice Access app onto your phone, you’ll need to open the given link before downloading and installing it onto your phone. Once opened and installed, please open up the app and tap on Ok. Afterward, please follow these steps.

After you turn on the Accessibility option, press the Allow button and then press Ok. Go to Downloaded Services and turn on the accessibility features. Press Continue when you’re prompted for permissions, granting it access.

After tapping allow on this app’s permissions, you are able to enable Voice Access from the Notification Panel. Once enabled, this app will be ready for use and you can use your voice commands to start up various applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. After enabling Voice Access from the Notification Panel, all you need to do is speak aloud Open Whatsapp and the application opens – or any other application of your choosing.

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