Best Welcome Message for Old Friends

Lifelong companions, when they meet after quite a while commends their fellowship well. A close buddy remains as a cherished memory to one and is consistently the nearer one to the heart. The welcome wishes for lifelong companions can be sent through instant messages or cards for the lifelong companions.

Given below are samples of best welcome messages to forward to old friends with affection when they arrive:

1). Welcoming my old friend to my humble home. My abode has changed a lot since you last visited but I hope you feel comfortable in the new environment.

2). Welcome wishes for my old friend with love. It’s been days since I saw last and am very happy to have you today beside me.

3). I welcome my old friend with gifts and good wishes. You do have changed drastically since we last met though I am happy that we always remained friends throughout the times.

4). We welcome our old friend to the neighborhood. I hope you would continue to be there for the play times just like earlier days when we used to hang out together.

5). With much love, I welcome my old friend to our club. Do avail the facilities of co curricular programmes in the guild and be an active member of it.

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