Chhath Puja Invitation Message | Chhathi Invitation Card

Extend your heartfelt Chhath Puja wishes to your dear ones while inviting them to be a part of the memorable Chhath Puja celebrations through distinctive invitation messages. Share the warmth of this auspicious occasion with your family and friends by sending charming Chhath Puja invitation card messages and quotes that serve both as wishes and heartfelt invitations to the eagerly anticipated festivities.

As Chhath Puja approaches, I send my warmest wishes to you and your family. The radiant sun and tranquil waters come alive during this auspicious time. Your presence would add to the joy of our Chhath Puja celebrations. Join us in creating beautiful memories together.

On the occasion of Chhath Puja, I extend my heartfelt greetings to you. The divine rituals and fervent prayers create an atmosphere of serenity and devotion. Your presence would make our Chhath Puja celebrations truly special. We invite you to share in the blessings and joy.

Dear [Name], may this Chhath Puja bring happiness, health, and prosperity to you and your loved ones. We are excited to celebrate this occasion and would be honored to have you join us in the festivities. Your presence will undoubtedly add to the auspiciousness of the day.

Chhath Puja is a time of spiritual renewal and devotion. As we prepare to celebrate this significant occasion, we extend our warmest wishes to you. Your company would make our Chhath Puja celebrations complete. Join us in seeking blessings and embracing the positive energy of the day.

Join us in celebrating the purity and divinity of Chhath Puja. Your presence would be a wonderful blessing as we come together to offer our prayers to the sun and the waters. Let’s share in the joy and meaning of this special day.

As we gear up for the auspicious Chhath Puja celebrations, we send our heartfelt wishes to you. Your participation in our prayers and rituals would be truly meaningful to us. Join us as we welcome the positivity and seek blessings from the universe.

Chhath Puja holds a special place in our hearts, and we would be delighted to have you with us on this occasion. Your presence would elevate our celebrations and bring joy to our hearts. Let’s come together to cherish this beautiful tradition.

In conclusion, send your Chhath Puja wishes and invitations with a touch of warmth and authenticity. Blend your heartfelt greetings with invitations that make your loved ones feel truly valued. By sharing Chhath Puja invitation card messages and quotes, you extend not only your wishes but also an open-hearted invitation to share in the meaningful and joyous celebrations.

Chhath Puja Invitation and Greeting Card Message

“Wishing a very Happy Chhath Puja to you. As we offer prayers to Chhath Mata, I invite you to be part of our prayers and celebrations.”

“Warm greetings on Chhath Puja to you. On the pious day, we invite you to come and join us for the most beautiful Chhath Puja celebrations together.”

“The charm of Chhath Puja doubles up when you have your dear ones celebrating it with you. We invite you to join us for the best ever Chhath Puja festivities.”

“Let us make it a memorable Chhath Puja by celebrating it together. Your presence will be awaited to make this Chhath Puja a day full of celebrations.”

“To make this Chhath Puja a day full of festivities, I invite you over to celebrate this day with us and create some beautiful memories to cherish forever.”

“The fun of Chhath Puja is incomplete without having your dear ones to celebrate it with. Please come and join us to make this Chhath Puja a fun-filled day.

“As we fast and offer prayers to Mother Nature, we invite to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Chhath Puja with us.”

“Celebrating the festival of Chhath Puja all alone is completely different. Come and join us to make Chhath Puja celebrations the most beautiful ones.”

“Having your dear ones to celebrate Chhath Puja with you is also a kind of a blessing and on this day we invite you to make this a special Chhath Puja for all of you.”

“Your presence will add more colours to our Chhath Puja celebrations. We will look forward to have you join us to make it a perfect Chhath Puja for all of us.”

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