Funny Short Selfie Quotes to Use as Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Captions

In the modern era, taking selfies has emerged as the latest trend, and sharing these self-portraits on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has become a popular practice. Elevating the charm of your clicks, adding cute captions has become a must-do. Whether it’s unique and funny selfie statuses for WhatsApp, short and impactful selfie quotes for Instagram, or distinctive messages for Facebook, these captions add a special touch to your profile pictures. To truly stand out, explore our collection of attitude captions for pictures, and let them infuse your selfies with that extra flair they deserve.

Browse through the funniest and funkiest captions and selfie quotes perfect to post on social media to get more likes. So pick the status that defines your selfie the best.

1. This is the best one…. After deleting 16!!!

2. Now that is what I call a perfect selfie.

3. A selfie a day makes it a beautiful day.

4. New day calls for a new selfie.

5. I smile to make you think why I am smiling.

6. Masterpiece under construction.

7. Just be you….because you are the best.

8. Strong women conquer the world.

9. No gossip… just stating facts!!!

10. Just see me as you can never have me.

11. Seal it with style 😉

12. Perfect pose… perfect pout!!

13. One smile…. One sparkle in the eyes.

14. #bedtime #nofilter #nomakeup

15. Little sassy and a lot classy!!!

16. Kill it with your smile and win it with your beauty.

17. When nothing is going right, click a selfie!!!

18. Judge me not without stepping into my shoes.

19. Why be so serious when you have many reasons to smile.

20. #YOLO #livelifekingsize

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