National Romance Day Messages | Romantic Love Messages, 11 August

Whether in the context of marriage or a romantic partnership, the essence of any relationship often lies in its romantic undertones. Marking its presence on the 11th of August annually, National Romance Day commemorates this very sentiment. The choice of August for this enchanting day is particularly noteworthy – it sits midway between Valentine’s Day and the onset of the winter season, a time when cuddling with your beloved becomes all the more appealing. Embrace the opportunity to make this August special by penning heartfelt love messages for your husband or sharing romantic love wishes with your significant other. Our assortment not only encompasses Valentine’s messages for both wives and husbands but also includes affectionate messages for boyfriends and tender texts for girlfriends.

Indulge in the beauty of these romantic messages tailored for both him and her, each brimming with profound affection for your cherished one. Utilize our collection of National Romance Day wishes and status messages to infuse the Romance Awareness Month with a touch of sweetness. Spread these lovely sentiments across platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, allowing your romantic expressions to resonate deeply with your loved one.

Most touching Romantic Love Messages

Celebrate love with romantic messages that are so full of love for your special one. Send the most touching love messages with your beloved. Have the romantic messages for boyfriend and girlfriend, him and her shared with your sweethearts to express love.

“When you are there, there are only smiles and no sorrows, there are only good times and no stress…. Cheers to our bond of love!!!”

“I wish that our romance flourishes with each passing day…. I wish that we are always surrounded with love…. I wish we stay in love forever and ever.”

“May the colours of love are always there to paint our lives…. May you are always there to stay there in my heart and love it as it belongs to you.”

National Romance Day Messages for Her

1). Life is so incomplete without romance and I realize this when I have you in my life…. You have brought happiness and smiles along and made my life so much more beautiful with your presence…. Happy National Romance Day.

2). To the girlfriend who is not just gorgeous but also very adorable, who loves me and cares for me beyond conditions…. Wishing you a very Happy National Romance Day and I wish our romance flourishes with each passing day.

3). When I found you, I found myself…. I found all the happiness that I was missing, all the love that I had always wanted, all the pampering that I can imagine….. Warm wishes to you on National Romance Day for you are my life.

4). Life wasn’t bad when I had not met you but since the times I have met you, I have realized that it is now that I have started to live and started to enjoy my life like never before…. Sending you my love and warm wishes on National Romance Day.

Romance Day Greeting Messages for Him

5). In this month of Romance Awareness, I just want to let you know that you are my life and reason for my smile….. Days will come and go but you will always stay with my like my pole star shining bright…. Happy National Romance Day to you.

6). You walked into my life like a friend and now you are my boyfriend….. Thanks for bringing the beautiful shades of love along and making my life a rainbow of colours….. Warm wishes on National Romance Day to you.

7). You are not just my husband, you are also my lover and my friend….. When I am with you, each day, each hour, each moment is so romantic because we make the best couple…. Wishing you a very Happy National Romance Day.

8). Whenever I define romance, I start talking about you because you are romance to me and you are the reason I have more smiles, more happiness, more colours in my life…. Sending you my love and best wishes on National Romance Day.

Romantic and Inspiring Love Messages for Husband

9). I had always wanted my love to my strength and not my weakness and when I look at you, you always make me feel stronger…. To the best husband in the world, a very Happy National Romance Day to you.

10). Today is National Romance Day but for me each and every day of my life is a celebration of romance because I am married to the most romantic man in this world and I find myself blessed…. Happy National Romance Day.

11). You brought along the lovely hues of romance in my life and made our marriage the most beautiful association for both of us….. Wishing you a warm National Romance Day and sending you my love.

12). Whenever I wake up in the morning, the first thing that I do is I thank God for sending you in my life as my husband because you have been the most special person to me, not just for this life but for many more lives to come….. A very Happy National Romance Day.

Romance Day Love Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

13). The best thing about our relationship is that we both love each other, respect each other and pamper each other…. Let us make this month of August full of romance and let us celebrate National Romance Day with love.

14). If you have a romantic boyfriend or girlfriend then you are truly blessed because you are showered with kisses, embraced with warm hugs, cuddled before sleep and now I know that I am truly lucky…. Warm wishes on National Romance Day to you my love.

15). With a boyfriend like you, I know my National Romance Day is going to be all about love and pampering…. Thanks my love for making me feel so special and loved each and every day…. Wishing you Happy National Romance Day.

16). Love happens and you don’t even get to know how it happens and that’s the beauty of this lovely relationship…. I have no words to thank you for making me feel so wanted, so loved…. Warm wishes on National Romance Day.

Romantic Messages and Wishes for Wife

17). Oh my wife, you are my sunshine and my lifeline….. I want to make this National Romance Day a memorable day for you by showering you with all the love I have for you deep in my heart…. Best wishes to you on this romantic occasion.

18). You won my heart not with your beauty but with your sweet and adorable talks…. I love to see you chirpy and lively because that’s what makes my life so bright and happy….. Wishing you a very Happy National Romance Day.

19). Romance is romantic when you have a beautiful wife who loves you without any conditions and accepts you for what you are….. I am a lucky man because I have the best wife one could ask for…. Wishing you a wonderful National Romance Day.

20). My day is incomplete if I have not expressed my love to you….. Romance to me means you and you mean life to me…. Sending my love, warm wishes and lots of hugs on National Romance Day my pretty wife.

Romantic Day Love Messages for Him & Her

Here are some very romantic and beautiful Romance Day 2022 Wishes messages. Use these warm Romance Day quotes to wish someone special.

21). When you came in my life, I found the reason for my existence and reason to smile. Thanks for giving me place in your heart and life. Love you lot my dear. Happy Romance Day to you.

22). On the occasion of Romance Day, I pray to God to shower our bond of love with affection, understanding and compatibility so that no problems can come between us. May God bless us.

23). Life is happier and easier when you have the right partner with you and with you by my side, I feel blessed because I have found my soul mate in you. Wishing you a very Happy Romance Day.

24). My day starts with your smile and ends with your hand in mine. Such is our relationship where we understand each other without speaking a word. Happy Romance Day my love. Love you always.

25). Today, I want to tell you that you are the reason for my existence, reason for my smile and my inspiration to move ahead in life. You are my only love. Wishing you a very Happy Romance Day.

26). The joy of living life comes when you have the most compatible and understanding person to share the smallest moments of your life. And I have you. Thanks for being there. Happy Romance Day.

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