Top 7 Features You Didn’t Know to Exist In Microsoft Word

We are sure by now you have been able to use Microsoft Word for a project or at least know about it. Microsoft Word is a popular processing software. Interestingly, the software has more features and aspects that most people still don’t know about. There are also more functions you can learn about such as how to merge cells in Word for example, but for now, let’s look at the 7 Features You Didn’t Know to Exist In Microsoft Word:

  1. Collaboration and real-time editing

Assuming you are working in a team, Microsoft Word can help you communicate and handle tasks together. For example, the whole team can edit the same document. The ability to adapt and see each other’s changes in real-time makes this feature even more helpful if you work with a team on a project.

  1. Researcher tool

Research is extremely important in most fields. Students and teachers always come across something that requires research study. Next time you are working on a research project, you can try to use the Microsoft Word researcher tool. It works better for students who do academic writing and other professional writing.

  1. Equation editor

Did you know Microsoft Word has an equation editor? It does, and the main purpose of this is to allow you to form complex mathematical equations that you want to include in your research or study. If you are working with numbers, this tool is essential to apply. It can help you produce accurate results in your mathematical project.

  1. Quick Parts and AutoText 

Do you have content that you use more often in your work or project? We are talking about content such as tables, graphics, text snippets, and more. You need to ensure that the contents you use more often are saved, especially if you are going to need them or use them again in other documents. Quick parts can help you do this. On the other hand, if you have longer texts written and would like to create shortcuts for them, you can AutoText to accomplish this, hence saving you time and effort of typing them again.

  1. Mail merge

If this sounds new to you, don’t worry we will explain. If you are in business for example, one of the things you do is marketing and sometimes you need to personalize your marketing depending on your target market. Mail merge, a feature in Microsoft Word can be used to create customized marketing letters by merging from other data sources including Excel.

  1. Advanced formatting options

If you are working on a document, say you are working on your school senior project document and you need to format your headings, graphs, or tables to suit the project needs, you can use Microsoft Word. There are several formatting options you can use including, paragraph styles and personalized numbering. Your document will appear more consistent and professional looking with proper formatting.

  1. SmartArt

Some projects may require you to include art. The inclusion of art in your work can make it more appealing or more comprehensive. If you want to add some art to your work, Microsoft Word’s SmartArt can let you do this. You can use it to create visually pleasing diagrams retail survey questions and flowcharts in the document. 

These are just some of the features, also keep in mind that Microsoft keeps updating its features, so we are more likely to find more complex tools that can make your project much easier.

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