Twitter rolling out ‘Branded Likes to let brands briefly replace the Like button with animations

In the latest update, Twitter has replaced the traditional Like button with a set of animated images that they call Branded Likes. These customized graphics are intended to make it easier for businesses to customize their marketing campaign by adding these Branded Likes to reflect their brand.

Twitter, a widely popular social media platform, has just released an exciting new blog feature called Twitter Notes. This new blog feature will help businesses grow their customer base through this online community.

Twitter rolling out new Branded Likes to let brands replace the Like button

A recent update by popular social media company Twitter is turning the Like button into personalized artwork. Advertisers are using this new feature to promote their brand and attract more customers through user engagement. This feature can be seen when scrolling through the Timeline page of Twitter account holders.

So, when you open the app for only the first time on any given day, one of the brand’s ads will appear at the top. This platform allows advertisers to choose an accompanying hashtag that corresponds with their branding preferences and provides up to ten different translations of it. Each time a user hits like on anything containing this customized tag – whether it be an organic tweet or an ad every post using it gets transformed into another form of animation where people can engage more easily.

The ‘featured’ likes will last for up to 24 hours after which they disappear automatically. According to a Twitter blog post, the company partnered with creative partners to come up with these animations – Bare Tree Media from the U.K., U.S, Saudi Arabia, and Carbon from Japan; furthermore during the testing phase, the company found this feature both appealing and successful.

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