A Sneak peek into the world of Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)

A Sneak peek into the world of Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)

In the technological industry, the gaming industry is something that excites most of us. To keep this excitement there are several upgrades and updates with the launch of new territory, characters, skins, weapons, and so much more. UGW – Underworld Gang Wars is one of the most exciting and India’s best gaming platforms.

In this game, you will get that desi touch in everything you watch like – famous desi dialogues, several Forts, Mandi, and also desi weapons. Shortly, it’s safe to say that you’ll get cultural, technological, and entertainment advancements.

What is the Gaming industry and why is it on hype?

Now, we all know the snake game we used to play on our old phones. Along with this, Mario, Candy Crush, PubG, Clash of Clans, World War Heros, Minecraft, and so many games are familiar to us, right? With the increase in popularity, the industry and the gaming culture rises drastically.

However, for the development of the games, the companies need to work on the latest technologies to bring the game to the screens of so many people around the globe. Underworld Battle Wars (UGW) is one of the most awaited and high-tech games specially designed for people who love action, thrill, and adventure. Along with this, it also has an Indian touch in it which makes the combat more engaging.

About Gaming

There are billions of people who are into gaming and millions of people who made a career out of it. Along with this, there are several types of games which involves – Cloud game, VR game, PC game, and Mobile game. Underworld Gang War (UGW) is a PC game because of its top-notch graphics. PC gaming has more than 1.2 billion people engaged in several gaming options.

A special gaming laptop is also dedicated sometimes to playing PC games because of its high efficiency, cooling systems, RAM space, and GPUs. Along with this, some games are graphically demanding which normal laptops cannot handle so certain PCs are mostly recommended. However, as of Underworld Gang Wars (UGW), one can also play this game on a normal PC as well.

Why did we think of creating an Indian War game?

Ever since the Indian Gaming industry is increasing, several companies made their games which also went viral. However, there are still many games that didn’t succeed. When we have a look at the Indian gaming community, most of them make a demand for a game that gives an Indian touch which is missing in most of the games because of its global community.

The demand is still there but there are no results for it yet. So, our team decided to create a game that gives its users an amazing experience and also fulfills the demand of adding an Indian touch. It is designed with top-notch technological tools that give you high efficiency in real-time.

Along with this, the locality, rivers, racecourse, Mandi, Slums, etc are very well designed so that every gamer gets something new in every area. Shortly, everything that is designed in Underworld Gang Wars is solely made for People who crave an Indian touch. So, the reason why we are launching Underworld Gang Wars is its audience and their needs that’s it!

What is the mission and who made Underworld Gang Wars?

The mission is World Domination and the first step is Dhantara Island. All the missions and the spicy start from Dhantara island. But, beware because you will of course need some EXTRA JIGRA to get into the hotness of the gang wars.

Here, when you look at the map you’ll see a quote – “Roam Around Like A Sher On A Bike, Explore The Mesmeric Terrains, Locations, And Be The One To Take The Decisive Strike. If You Have Enough Jigra To Take A Shot, Dhantara Is The Place Where The Action Is Hot!”

So basically to explain the main context of the game, just know that there are two gangs fighting to win over each other’s territory.

  • The main teams and leaders are, bhokal toli and velvet with tyagi and BORIS as their leaders respectively.
  • The Main slogan for BHOKAL TOLI goes like – bandook nahi mile, toh maarega haath se, bach ke raho bhokali sardar se.
  • The main slogan for VELVET goes like – gali gali mein shor hai, nadi ke uss paar velvets ka zor hai!

About the makers of Underworld Gang Wars

The makers of the Underworld Gang Wars are Mayhem Studious. Mayhem studio is introducing its first AAA game called Underworld Gang Wars which contains several plots and super interesting characters which are inspired by real-life and famous fictional stories in India. This studio is also considered the first studio for AAA games which also brings more expectations from the company to bring out something unique with an Indian touch.

The company and its designers have uniquely made Underworld Gang Wars by adding several Indian local locations, gangs, themes, icons, weapons, plots, and maps in the game context. Along with this, this is no less than a dream project for its makers which makes the makers thrilled for its launch.

The CEO of Mayhem Studios (Bengaluru-based Gaming Software Development studio), Ojas Vipat says, “We are thrilled to come up with the first Battle Royale Title that promises to offer one of the most relatable storylines for gamers. UGW’s unique locations and the highly relatable universe with great graphics are sure to provide a great experience for Battle Royale players. We are also excited to put together a blockbuster game with some unique stories of India for the world.”

What is so Unique in Underworld Gang Wars?

Just like PubG, Underworld Gang Wars is getting launched by India’s first studio for AAA games, Mayhem Studios. it comes with the famous vocabulary – ‘Utro, Ghero, Maaro’. The company explains that the game is filled with a lot of action, thrill, and adventure.

Most of the part of this battle royale game is fight type that includes bombs, guns, Katta, hammers, hide, and many famous local Indian weapons as well. The game characters will be from India because the storyline is inspired by India itself.

The game is solely for children above 12 as this game is a fighting type so it may cause mental stress in children. Apart from this, the main punch line of the game is, DHANTARA MEIN AAPKA SWAGAT HAI!

Requirements for the Underworld Gang Wars

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Minimum RAM – 2GB
  • Minimum Storage Space – 2GB
  • Underworld Gang War launch
  • On 17th May 2022, the company presented the game called – Underworld Gang Wars.
  • On 18th May 2022, the company announced its pre-registration date.
  • On 19th May 2022, the teaser of the game characters was released.

On 22 May 2022, UGW pre-registration was started. As of now, the release date is not yet revealed but the company released many pre-registration rewards for its players. The game is available on the official website and also on the PlayStore for pre-registration.

Rewards for Pre-registration

You can pre-register the game for free on Play Store. As mentioned above, the company is rewarding its players with Hunter Green Star Scrambler Skin, Retro Don Skin, Mulberry Gun Skin, Suit of Savage Skin, and Graffiti Hammer Skin.

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