WhatsApp working on a new privacy feature – ‘Who can see when I’m online for everyone

An upcoming privacy feature called ‘Who can see when I’m online will be available on WhatsApp soon. In accordance with NewsGram, this feature will allow users to hide their online status. It seems that WhatsApp has been listening to its users’ demands for a change because it only took them 2 months after first announcing the upcoming update to release an updated version of their app which now includes the new function.

The platform has been constantly updating itself with some major features. The latest update included the ability to edit texts, which was in progress at the time of this writing. Another new addition is an improved level of privacy for its users on the app.

WhatsApp’s new privacy feature – Who can see when I’m online

As of now, WhatsApp appears to be developing several new features relating to safety, utility, and many other points. This message-sending app has introduced some innovative ways for protecting its users’ privacy in the past few updates; this newest update will make you feel safe about your personal information.

Lots of people have been demanding for some time now to be able to hide their online status. There are many reasons why someone would ask for this, but most people don’t want strangers bothering them while they’re talking with friends or family members, others might feel like they’re being hunted down.

It seems the company has finally listened to its loyal users’ demands and is planning on implementing a way for them to disable their online status while using the app. A recent screenshot posted by WABetaInfo gives us a sneak peek at what this feature might look like – you’ll be able to choose whether or not other people can see if you’re active.

This option will be available in your Last Seen settings. There will be two new options – Everyone and Same as Last Seen. If you select My Contacts for both Online options, non-contacts won’t be able to see when you’re online. Previous year WhatsApp had automatically started hiding our last seen from contacts we hadn’t chatted with.

Though this prevented third-party apps from monitoring our status those we chatted with could see when we are online. But those chats will no longer be able to see when I am available because of the new update which WhatsApp is introducing for testing on its beta platform for Android, iOS, and Windows desktops.

However, due to the current development state of this feature, there is not yet a confirmed release date. Once we have more information for you we will post it on our page so follow us for updates.

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